About us


The ability to communicate, has become a commodity in today's world, for which I am prepared to pay more than any other’ (John D. Rockefeller)


These words of John D. Rockefeller's concern every good PR specialist. Merchandise that we sell is the ability to communicate. However, to achieve many merchants who will want to bid on goods, our offer must be efficient and attractive to businesses. This portal is designed to help PR specialist deepen their knowledge in the field of image creation, marketing and effective communication.



All the armies of the world gathered together are not able to stop the progress, which the time just came.’ (V. Hugo)


We will not give you the theory, because each practitioner has to have it in one finger. We will show you the practical application of theory and creative new ways to use old communication channels. But first of all we will talk about new products and innovations and we describe interesting case studies.