Native advertising


Native advertising is a type of advertising that naturally fits in the content. As a rule, it should be consistent with the content browsed by the user and thus its interests.

There are many different types of native ad, including, these are some examples:


  • In- feed Ads Units– content posted between journalistic articles, often created in consultation with the authors of the article can also be sponsored articles.

  • Paid Search Units– is a classic example of native advertising in search engines shows it on the organic results and is generally distinguished graphically.

  • Recommended widgets- frame placed under or next to the article with a link with the text ‘read more’, ‘See also’, etc.

  • Featured product list- used by services such Zalando or Allegro, allow the presentation to the client similar or complementary products to this what he bought or watch.

  • In- ad (IAB Standard) – banner or video displayed alongside content and adapted to it, not only thematically but also graphically.