Real-Time marketing

Be the first, steal the news and process them- a few words about the R-TM.

Real-Time Marketing is nothing more than marketing in real time. In other words, immediate reaction to the events that are just happening. These are actions that can be planned only to a small extent that they require the adjustment of the marketing message to the current situation and the mood of customers.

To effectively carry out this type of marketing are necessary:

  • newsjacking– capturing the information that is currently interested in the potential recipients and their piercing in the message containing your product ad

  • social media and mobile- the principle of a Real Time Marketing is an immediate response to the events that are happening and such from among the communication channels just give the community media and mobile technology

  • engage your audience- the RTM is not only to send a message but also to listen to what its customers have to say and respond to their feedback and opinion.



Real– Time Marketing requires constant vigilance, intelligence, good sense of time and a bit of humor. In this type of marketing very important is adequacy, more than creativity. The advantage of RTM is also relatively not high cost of such activities, it is much cheaper than traditional advertising with much higher efficiency.