Change yourself but do not lose your position- that is how the rebranding works


If branding is to build brand image, rebranding is nothing more than a re- branding. The reasons why the company date back to the rebranding are few:


- repositioning of product


- change of logo, company name or product


- refresh the corporate image


- mergers and acquisitions leading to changes in the product


Rebranding is a difficult, complicated and expensive task. Firstly because of the fact that you should get used new audience to new visual identify. Secondly, new audience should be informed what is happening with the brand and what will be its new or modified product.


Just like in any marketing effort, also in rebranding should be approached strategically asking the first question about the goal we want to achieve, the value of which is to provide the product of rebranding and a new target group (it may also remain so far). Another step is to create a story that will lead through new product and its value. This allows us to efficiently and without unnecessary costs and risks introduce the brand with a new image to market.